The Indian economy today looks with great interest to Industry 4.0, a significant trend with due regards to consistent efforts made by the policymakers to ensure Industry 4.0 is achievable. And with economies across the world expecting India to lead the growth engine, industry and farming are seeing positive growth in a GDP dominated by the service sector. The government, who aims to double farmers’ incomes by 2022, wants to leave no stone unturned in achieving these targets and has schemes supporting better yield and promoting exports. Even the Prime Minister has voiced his opinion that, to achieve this target, India needs a better infrastructure,  starting with refrigeration and logistics. This has opened a big market for companies who promise to make refrigeration solutions efficient and industry-ready, but few are capable of offering world-class solutions like those offered by BITZER. BITZER is setting standards for how refrigeration systems should be in the cold chain.

BITZER, a German company that has been doing business since 1934, offers a consultative selling model that understands the needs of the customer and offers business solutions accordingly. BITZER offers a wide range of commercial refrigeration from 25 kW or less to 50 kW or more, thus achieving a temperature range from –18°C to 7°C. This solution is ideal for the proper storage of food in supermarkets, as it ensures sublime quality – even at the last mile.

BITZER is also setting new standards for refrigeration during transportation on the road. The company offers tailor-made solutions with cooling solutions and products like ROADSTAR, FR series, OCTAGON 2-Stage and ECOLINE for lorries or trailers. With cooling solutions such as 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder compressors, BITZER is able to serve its customers with cooling systems that are both economical and reliable.

ECOLINE by BITZER is a unique solution and sets itself clearly apart from the competition. With its new plate design, it boasts a high cooling capacity with minimal energy requirements. The broadband characteristics of its motor help achieve a higher level of efficiency either at full or part load. ECOLINE VARISPEED has a built-in frequency inverter for capacity control and every ECOLINE is compatible with its predecessors. This solution is so dynamic that it is available across the entire range of BITZER services. It includes the full range of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and replaces its predecessors with the same connection sizes. BITZER also offers very efficient products for industrial refrigeration from 200 kW and above and has a long list of solutions to offer.

In today’s competitive market of cold chains, Small & Medium Enterprises to large corporations are looking for solution providers who can offer customised solutions and BITZER is one such company with a wide range of refrigeration products. With this in mind, there is simply no need to look further than BITZER for reliability and high quality.