Question: Please suggest 3 major changes required in Cold Storage industry today.

a. Electricity contributes majorly to the expenses in a cold storage; solar power seems to be the solution. Cold storage units should shift to solar power systems. Since it is very expensive if batteries are also installed, Government is required to come forward and help the cold storage.

b. It is observed that the insulation of cold storage units is out-dated or wrongly fitted due to lack of knowledge. Cold storage units should improve the quality of insulation after proper testing.

c. So far cold storage units were mainly dependent on storage of potatoes but in last few years capacity utilization is reduced due to lack of potato storage, thus cold storage units have started going into loss. Food processing units can support this and motivating the farmers to produce more, likewise the condition of low temperature i.e below zero degrees cold storage units where processed food is stored. Although processing units are coming but there is much less demand of stored processed food. Cold storage units are not getting sufficient stock to fully utilise their capacity. Here also boosting of demand is necessary.

Question:  Do you think Cold Storage industry can support the agriculture export industry, if yes then how, if no then why not?

Answer- Cold Storage industry can support the agriculture export industry very well. Prior uploading the product to containers for export a strong supply chain management with good cold storage and refrigerated logistics network will ensure quality is maintained. Similarly imported agriculture goods are stored in cold storages like pulses or other food grains to maintain the quality.

Question:  Food Processing is a growing market but 80% of Cold Storage units store potato, please suggest if they need to change or not, and what will be the long lasting effects?

Answer- This is true that food processing is a growing market but processed food stored in cold storage units has not got very good response from the market. Thus several cold storages which have installed the machinery for processed food are living in want of customers to fill their storage capacity.

Question:  What could be the impact of digital platform connectivity for Cold Storage industry?

Answer- With digital platform connectivity cold storage industry shall definitely be benefitted.

Question:  What do you think needs to do so that cold storage industry is benefited?

Answer- should press Cold Storage industry`s demands for giving benefits in installing of solar power which will make cold storages economically viable. Further advertise in a way so that demand of stored processed food increases which will boost the need of cold storages and make the cycle go.