This story is about a brand that is changing the buying behaviour of foodies across India, Good Dot, founded by Mr Abhishek Sinha a young IRS officer turned first generation entrepreneur. Like most Indians Abhishek is a foodie, but unlike others he could not ignore the cruelty involved in industrialised poultry and meat farming, so he decided to take the plunge and after years of R&D he got his eureka moment: Good Dot. Good Dot is “in India, for India, by India” plant based meat startup, and the brand is getting its well-deserved eminence across India.

When we reached out to Good Dot to understand their share of challenges during COVID-19, Mr.Abhishek Sinha CEO-Good Dot candidly shared how the team Good Dot is efficiently handling the sudden surge in requirements during COVID-19 Pandemic.

The excerpts:-

  1. How is Good Dot handling sourcing?

Ans: Mapping the future is critical. On observing the aggravating situations due to COVID-19 my team carefully planned to overcome any challenges envisaged in the supply chain. Some of the supply side items are imported. So we focused to stock on the imported items as the international trade gets impacted. So we provisioned for 3-4 months. Thankfully the imports were in accordance to the expected demands, and as actual demands sky rocketed we were comfortably placed.

Subsequently our local vendors were mapped and we also broad base vendor. This helped us in some areas of operation as some of our existing packaging vendors were affected but we could overcome this by diversifying sourcing from our local vendors. Overall because of careful advanced planning we could seamlessly increase our production even during the peak lockdown period.


  1. How is team Good Dot ensuring product availability for customers?

Ans:  The online sales were impacted initially. We were delivering to 1000 plus pincodes, but it was not possible for us to identify containment zones; so many a times the products would start being addressed to a particular green zone w.r.t covid-19, but during transit the same place would be declared a red zone or a containment zone. We had to stop online sales temporarily for the first 25-30 days of lockdown, but now online sales is in full swing in accordance to local government regulations.

If we talk about sales through retail channels we have a robust channel and we are doing good sales numbers. Our distribution channel, RCM did extremely well and overall we did highest total turnovers riding on the efficiency of this channel.


  1. How has the team Good Dot planned the supply chain?

Ans:- Logistics across the nation is impacted due to COVID-19, hence we faced issues on fulfilment of orders, this was gradually taken care of. By planning demands well we shifted from partial truck loads to full truck loads, which was a win proposition for transporter as well as for Good Dot.  Our central ware house fulfilled stocks to regional warehouses in other state capitals, but due to lockdown we shifted from hub and spoke model to directly fulfilling the regional warehouses from the factories.


Export orders were totally withheld but this was not a matter of concern as the product has good shelf life, and now export orders are also being fulfilled.


This is a pandemic situation and with rules of the game defined, everyone has to deliver accordingly. Diversifying with ingredient sourcing will assure constant supply. Prioritizing delivery partners, logistics and distribution channels ensures the supply chain is profitable and viable for both service provider and consumer.

Today both customer and supplier are on the same boat hence market mapping proved to be strong foothold, thus ensuring Good Dot is within the customer reach.