A very few people derive satisfaction from being a contributor to the growth story of India;Mr Atul Mehra Founder and Chairman Tasty dairy, is one such first generation entrepreneur. Mr Atul Mehra`s inspiration to lead a life serving the society is well rooted to Dr Verghese Kurien`s brain child “White Revolution”.

From delivering 200 litres of milk per day to 4 Lakh litres of milk per day, Tasty Dairy, in its 26 years of journey has achieved many milestones. Mr Atul Mehra has built the company Tasty Dairy from scratch, and in this journey of 26 years he has won many accolades and business tie ups with large conglomerates.

When we approached Mr Atul  Mehra to understand how Tasty Dairy is handling this pandemic situation, and since milk being one of the essentials the pressures to ensure both safety and availability is high.

The excerpts

  1. What is the relevance of Cold Chain-supply chain in your business line?

Ans: We procure milk from marginal farmers, farmers with 2 to 3 animals. Milk is a highly perishable product and India is a tropical country, thus the dependability on cold chain is high.  The need of reefer trucks for supply chain is mandatory. Though milk is available in abundance but the lack of cold chain is acknowledged and industry is addressing that in sync with the government. We are also seeing a lot of schemes coming up that will promote both infrastructure creation and support the dairy industry.


  1. What opportunities of growth do you see in the sector?

Ans: We do not have the concept of dairy farms; rather milk is collected at farm level, limiting the automation. Tasty dairy has state of the art machinery, but the industry acknowledges the need for dairy farms.

We constantly conduct seminars and encourage startups  in the sector, indeed the growth opportunities are many but we try to mentor as many people as possible so as a common goal we can benefit the sector and the farmers at the grassroots.


  1. How do you ensure hygiene standards?

Ans:  Since inception we have ensured strict hygiene standards, our workers constantly undergo health check-ups and anyone with any kind of allergies or health issue is not allowed inside the plant. The hygiene standards are so high that even the finger nails of the people working inside the plant are constantly checked.

In the factory we strictly observe no direct or physical contact with the product, hence consumers can be assured that the product consumed by them is processed and packed with utmost hygiene standards.I use Tasty Dairy`s products for my personal consumption, as I believe that the best test results are summed up at my kitchen.

We are implementing Block-chain in our value chain so that we can assure full transparency and traceability across the supply chain.  


Tasty dairy has the state of the art equipment but Mr Atul Mehra prefers Indian manufacturers, indeed Mr Mehra truly believes in the idea of India and this reflects well in his way of working and his passion to serve the farmers. Tasty Dairy constantly supports the families of farmers through various welfare schemes from providing scholarships to providing financial support for marriages . Mr Atul Mehra concedes the fact that Indian dairy sector has miles to go and he is ready to do his part, that may be either supporting startups in the sector or implementing new technologies for enhanced customer value offering.