Question: Sir, being the Officiating President to FCAOI you are one of those who are leading the Cold Chain Industry from front and are not only susceptible to the challenges but have the opportunity to maneuver the industry towards a prosperous future, eventuality resulting into a lot of responsibilities for you. Hence in this interaction we would request you to share your thoughts about the future growth of Cold Chain Industry in India?

Answer- Cold chain industry is developing very fast in India. Many new products are now stored in cold storages at various temperatures and then are processed according to the requirements of customers. There is indeed a bright future ahead for this industry and we expect a positive growth in sectors like fruits & vegetables. With end consumer looking for quality assurance the companies into supplying processed food or fresh vegetables and fruits will adhere to good storage solutions across the supply chain. Cold storage being the back bone of cold chain will always be the game changer for companies committed to deliver quality to its customers.


Question: What do you think are the 3 major challenges to achieve the future growth?


  1. Keeping pace with technology– cold storage equipment don’t come cheap but technology upgrades faster before one can realize the ROI. Hence we have to take a wise decision when we build a cold storage or upgrade the existing.
  2. Automation– it’s high time we acknowledge that gone are the days of cheap labour, we should switch to more automated machines to enhance the productivity of cold storage, we hear concepts like “just in time” “Total quality management” but we should now implement them too.
  3. Skilled manpower– the lack of trained technicians is a reality, “jugaad” can help us to walk short distances but if we want high tech cold storage we need to build a pool of high skilled manpower to support it as well.


Question: What is your suggestion to companies into the production of industrial products for Cold Chain Industry, like industrial doors, cooling systems, temperature loggers?

Answer:- The party has just started – the Indian market sees an upsurge in Cold Chain so I am   sure the manufacturers are about to strike the pot of gold, though the market is competitive as     equipment manufacturers from across the world now eyes Indian market and only the ones with best sales and service will acquire center stage.


Question: How do you see the upcoming effect of internet in the Cold Chain Industry?

Answer: Internet is a way to connect the stake holders we can surely be benefitted by it. Internet will play a major role in organizing the entire Cold Chain industry.


Question: Cold Storage Today- being an online portal trying to connect the relevant stake holders in Cold Chain- what are your expectations from us?

Answer: CST is doing good work I feel you guys can play a big role in connecting us with both bigger markets and equipment manufacturers.