The enterprising needs of Indians are pacing and compromising with none but utmost solutions, but even today setting up a plant/factory needs lot of hard work. The convention has always been to negotiate with different equipment manufacturers and then finalize a long list of OEMs and suppliers. The product then reaches destination after crossing multiple layers of distribution plus the challenges of installations and reordering the parts due to mismatch, all this hard work for minor reflections in the balance sheet. The food for thought is should we continue with this same process or look for alternatives that are “One Stop Shop”, when industrialists across the world are eagerly shifting to “One Stop Shop” model.

With more than 20 years of experience, Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd: (NSSPL), is indeed a “One Stop Shop” for post-harvest projects. Based in Gandhinagar, NSSPL is making its presence felt across the world. NSSPL manufacturing unit, spreads in 43000+ sq ft, has cutting edge technology machines from Japan and Europe and latest design software PTC Pro-E all this under one roof.

NSSPL offers multiple turnkey solutions for cold storages like Controlled Atmosphere Storage for fruits and vegetables, Temperature Controlled Storage for pulses, grains, spices and Modified Atmosphere Storage for root vegetables. All these cold storage are required based on the type of products its customers deal in. NSSPL can help create storage space from 1000 Metric Tonne to whopping 30000 Metric Tonne capacity.



Apart from cold storage NSSPL commands the market for turnkey solutions in IQF with food processing plant, frozen storage and blast freezer, fruit ripening chambers, chiller package and Block Ice plant. The other segment where also NSSPL is a leader brand is grading and sorting units for fruits and vegetables for companies catering to export and domestic market. Surely the abilities of NSSPL are reflected by the confidence its customers are showing in it and NSSPL reciprocates well by delivering nearly 15 turnkey projects across India`s length and breadth in current financial year.

So if you are young India`s entrepreneur and want to make a mark in post-harvest projects, you are at the right place in the right time i.e India.  But we just want to add perspective, are you willing to crack your brains struggling with every individual OEM or want to break the convention and have a one stop company that will take all your worries away and help you boost the balance sheet too and ready to serve you 24/7.