Industry 4.0 is the current uploading status of the Indian economy, which means, for entrepreneur opportunities are plenty, but these Business Turks have to ensure sublime service deliveries. In today`s digital world when information flows at the speed of light, good or bad neither goes unacknowledged nor less reacted, a motivation for the competitive ones, as they never settle on second. You might feel the pressure, but the people driving industry 4.0 enjoy it.  With due gravity to performance, the businesses now seek manufacturers and suppliers who can match the pace in such competitive ecosystems, and manufacturers with due experience and technology support will only prosper.

Infraca SL (ISO 9000:2000 certified) is one such Spanish company in the business of delivering industrial doors for last 40 years, and as a result of that, has decided to set up ZIRKEL INFRACA which owns a world class manufacturing unit in Pune to deliver in India and the rest of Asia, a precise brew of experience and technology.  With presence in 45 countries across 5 continents, every day in different time zones nearly half a million industrial doors open up to new opportunities, thanking Zirkel Infraca. Zirkel Infraca boasts serving 3000 industrial customers varying from top German car manufacturers to the retail giants of USA, world`s top soft drink companies to FMCG companies and the list goes on. 



Zirkel Infraca offers a bouquet of Cold Room Doors like- High speed self-reparable Doors, Sliding Doors, Fire Rated Doors, Vertical Lift Doors, Hinged Doors, PVC Strip curtains and Flip flap doors.  Zirkel Infraca`s products like Dock Leveller, Dock Shelter, PE Boards and Guard rails and PE Hygiene protective plinth are products which are second to none. The technical sales team in Zirkel Infraca ensures customised solutions for its customers. The company ensures to deliver the product right at your door steps and it provides efficient after sales service both for installation and post installation maintenance.  

Zirkel Infraca`s Pune based manufacturing unit is an excellent initiative under “Make in India” scheme as this will help to deliver economical solutions to its customers putting the company miles ahead from the competition.  The same unit will also serve the UAE and Middle East markets, along with the rest of Asia, a quality cautious market and Zirkel Infraca is among the leader brands there. We cannot overlook these markets as they are one of the largest buyers of fresh fruits and vegetables from India and only quality will confirm repeat orders hence a known brand will add to the confidence in the buyers.

Gone are the days of mediocrity -a state of consistent poor service, today prepare  for stringent norms and service assurances the best will prosper, rest might survive, the choice is yours, opt a supplier who can make a positive difference in your business.