Transport or logistics has been significant for the growth of the nation; the sector offers great opportunities and challenges likewise. Transport companies have carved out their success stories by sheer hard work, which is the key factor of success for an aspiring entrepreneur. But with due course transport sector is seeing evolution and hard work alone is not sufficient to guarantee success.Transport companies which are more tech savvy are giving the traditional companies a run for their money, and the trend seems to remain. The fast changing business dynamics demand tech companies to come for the rescue of transport companies and help them maintain their positions in the market.

One such company transforming the sector is Transport Hub, conceptualized by an IIM-Bangalore Alumnus Mr Rohit Chaturvedi and well supported by a strong team comprising of CTO- Mr Ram Kumar(alumnus XLRI) and Sr VP IOT-Mr Bimlendu Verma (alumnus- IIT Bombay).Rarely do we see such an apt mix of technology and business acumen; evident in the product/service mix offered by Transport Hub.

But you want to know why we think it’s a must for Cold Chain- the reason is “ICE” a service offered by Transport Hub, ICE promises reduction in loss of goods by 10% to 15%, due to temperature fluctuations.ICE enables you to not only monitor but also control the temperature of refrigerated transportation even while transit. Hence losses that occurred due to inability of the driver to monitor and resolve the temperature changes in the refrigerated transport are minimised resulting in better service and enhanced productivity.The feature rich ICE offers you real time temperature data availability and remote over-the-air (OTA) control of the cargo with the help of IOT technology. Low investment and easy integration along with several other features makes it a must have.ICE can even be used for automating the entire cold chain based on defined policies.



The other innovative solution offered by Transport Hub is TOP. An online bidding portal where transporters can connect with shippers and bid for the trip, an excellent service to start a new trip or return trip. No more scouting for customers. TH TOP is your sales partner.




FIT, a solution offered by Transport Hub for Fuel Management to monitor mileage, filling and pilferage of fuel in transit while VoPS, another Transporthub offering, helps optimize fleet and profitability of vehicles with location tracking and driver management.




Transport hub has a long list of innovative solutions like VIVO to enhance productivity at ports, factories and warehouses and HOOQ, a sales assistant solution to enhance the productivity of sales team by 20%.




In this daily changing market a strong leadership always foresees the upcoming trends and Transport Hub is one such company that is predicting the future by constructing it.